Up in Smoke


(foto di Anna Facchinetti)

DSC_1352(foto di Mattia Terribile)


not sure
if it was the metropolis

– and the jungles they hold
where we had roamed through
or the islands
within the same –

we felt alone among


I should have

treaded on


not being stapled
to my own thoughts of

failure focusing on

some other survival

the incessant sounds
attacking us louder
disorienting forcing

us on movement
or the far ones – in stillness
only the wind has a voice

stirring the waves to have
more and animals wild
eyes focusing off the horizon

squared lines confining
blocks or concentric ones
as the life rings on a tree

you count twenty eight then

call me out I found numbers
we had forgot – it used to be larger
green not the horrible burgundy
I shiver some on the island
we could hear the sound of
our own hair sitting close
animal’s life pulsing

(Anna Mosca)

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