This blog hosts the work of the student of Photography 101 at the Art Academy Acme in Milan, Italy. The goal of professor Anna Mosca is that to have students, just approaching photography and self-portrait, to dwell on the concept of empathy. “In the past I would have students work, on occasion, on the text of some poets to refine their sensibility to translate feelings into pictures. This time we began with a conversation on mutual artistic vulnerability.”

The students choose, in a total subjective mode, some poems from the blog that provide them with some personal identification and then use photography to communicate their feelings. This search may lead to self-portrait as to their personal vision to the texts chosen.

The Photography Course is taught to all disciplines and therefore the results expected will be variegated and many. What will be published here is not the full portfolio of each student but the most meaningful pictures on the texts chosen as if on a on-line gallery. Beware, the poetic text is not to be considered a title to the image rather a side-by-side artistic expression. The texts chosen can be in English as well as in Italian. We recommend you sign up to enjoy the work.

The professor and the students thank you for the interest you showed in their new academic project.