Dear readers,

the project Luminesia online www.2luminesia.wordpress.com first saw the light with a post published on Dec. 22nd 2012. My goal, with this project, was to teach students photography, with self-portraiture as a first step. As you may read under Project, self-portraits were achieved through the concept of empathy. The approach to poetry was called to refine their sensibility to translate feelings into pictures. They could choose from a vast array of poems on the site www.annamoscawordpress.com what resonate with them. It was a conversation on mutual artistic vulnerability.

This has been a very exciting project that touched and changed the lives of many, bringing a new challenge in both the academic and the self-portrait worlds. Along with the basic principles of photography, students learned the history of photography, composition and personal expression.  Exercises taught them to go deeper into self-portrait by representing their emotions. They also learned to be an active part of a collective blog and to open and curate their own personal photographic blogs. We achieved a lot, I must say!


Luminesia online ends with this post but, what has started well before 2012 and found here a suitable window online, will keep on living through different channels and locations. It will be my pleasure to inform you of future developments or projects or you can visit my blog for any news.


It’s my desire to thank all of my students of the Photography Course 2012-13 at the Acme Academy in Milan – Italy, and all the readers who faithfully followed us. My gratitude goes out especially to the Operative Team who diligently worked on the posts. Thank you Anna Facchinetti,  Mattia Terribile, Mirela Burcà, Cesare Pasquali. These students mentioned were always present and active in the vision I carried of Luminesia online and we spent long extra hours at school and on line to achieve what you have seen. They are also bringing forth some very interesting personal photographic projects on their own blogs. I invite you to check them out.

I remind you here that if you click on each name, the ones just mentioned as the ones showing in all the previous posts, you will be redirected to each personal blog of every student. It’s my wish that the personal blogs started with this project by my students will not stop breathing and that they may be followed with the same enthusiasm we felt from you for Luminesia.

Wishing my students and all of you readers to grow in every project you undertake,

my appreciation and sincere thanks,


Prof. Anna Mosca




Luminesia ©

Up in Smoke


(foto di Anna Facchinetti)

DSC_1352(foto di Mattia Terribile)


not sure
if it was the metropolis

– and the jungles they hold
where we had roamed through
or the islands
within the same –

we felt alone among


I should have

treaded on


not being stapled
to my own thoughts of

failure focusing on

some other survival

the incessant sounds
attacking us louder
disorienting forcing

us on movement
or the far ones – in stillness
only the wind has a voice

stirring the waves to have
more and animals wild
eyes focusing off the horizon

squared lines confining
blocks or concentric ones
as the life rings on a tree

you count twenty eight then

call me out I found numbers
we had forgot – it used to be larger
green not the horrible burgundy
I shiver some on the island
we could hear the sound of
our own hair sitting close
animal’s life pulsing

(Anna Mosca)

Up in Smoke, July 2013



(foto di Anna Facchinetti)

 .                                                                    **

 .                                                                    unlike touch

 .                                                                    me, I don’t need

 .                                                                    contact to receive

 .                                                                    and like it I am spread

 .                                                                    all over tasting a breeze

 .                                                                    on my skin while smelling

 .                                                                    the salted mist held in the air


 .                                                                    I shiver a bit from the deep blue

 .                                                                    pondering we have met and not touch

(Anna Mosca)

Imputami il peccato di voler sopravvivere


(foto di Zhang Yifan)

Ci ascoltavamo

senza parlare.

La lentezza

dello sguardo


dava alla

nostra storia

un ritmo lento








Mettevamo a fuoco

ogni cosa e forse


ci siamo spaventati.

(Anna Mosca)